luni, ianuarie 10

EL... despre mine.

"First of all we need to give a placement in time to this story. We accidentally met online, some years ago and by chance we grew attached one to another. We talked for hours in a row and never grew bored of sharing all out past and present at the time.
Now, the present from back then is nothing more than memories we have of each other and that we often remember when we get nostalgic bohemian.
I, for one, always remember the sparkle from her green/blue eyes and the soft and warm smile, her lips so natural and her skin just like a newborn's. She on the other hand often speaks of the way she found safety in my arms and untold stories in my eyes.
She is like a gentle breeze on a warm spring morning when nature feels like she's all alone on earth and plays hide and seek with the morning dew. She is indeed reckless at times and too self centered like when she refuses in every way to listen to what she is told and gets stuck in a moment or at one word said in a haste, often gets mad almost out of the blue and shouts a lot. You could sometimes swear that every little thing is as important as any other vital aspect of her life. But if u get to know her u understand that she sometimes puts too much passion in certain activities and forgets about how other things are more important than others.
She, as I, believes in peace and love and flowers and happiness, joy, the sun and all the nice things that this world is made out of. She lives her life the same way as she does any other little thing … with a lot of passion and hope.
To sum it up, my little Ioana is my ray of light that comes down from some kind of paradise the same way as she is a piece of my own personal hell. Life without her would be just … empty and … lifeless."

Mr. D.

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